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“At Mercenary Group (formerly Mercenary Oilfield Services),
Our Experience is your Asset. From Wireline to Water,
We’ve got the expertise you need.
Simply put, Experience is our Business”

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Our Mission is to deliver quality service, in a safe and efficient manner. We work diligently to achieve this by establishing honest, long lasting relationships with our contractors and our customers.


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Now, instead of hunting for the right candidates, simply call Mercenary Group (formerly Mercenary Oilfield Services) and select from our fully certified, fully insured pool of skilled labourers and master technicians.


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We make it easy for project managers to build their own dream-team for each project, with the right people for the job, every time.

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Our Brand

Mercenaries are hired for their skill, and for their discretion. Mind and body must be unified and able to take action, ultimately achieving the desired result with zero wasted energy, and zero mess.

At its core, this name reflects what we are all about. Our contractors know what needs to be done, they know the dangers involved, and they know the importance of precision.

When you hire with Mercenary Group, you're getting highly skilled and efficient contractors that know the job, and are ready to do that job with perfection.

Our Values


We care about our contractors, our clients, and the world we're a part of.


Our contractors are all pre-vetted for excellence and insured, giving our buyers the assurance that their projects are in good hands.


Our system is designed to put the support you need in the field at a moments notice.

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You need skilled workers for your project. Those workers need to have valid tickets and insurance, and you need them to be available and ready at a moment's notice.

  • Our team of highly skilled contractors meet all those qualifications and more.
  • When you hire with Mercenary Group, you’re hiring talent, you’re hiring hard workers, and you’re hiring excellence.
  • In the boardroom at Mercenary Group, we have 60+ years experience in 3 key areas of oilfield expertise. Wireline, Water Management, and Fracking.
  • Our board of executives are in the field with our teams on a regular basis, making sure every project gets handled the right way.
  • At Mercenary Group, Our Experience is Your Asset, and you can count on us to get your project handled the right way, every time.
  • Mercenary Group: Experience Is Our Business.

Our Team

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Kelly Ciprick

Chief Operating Officer


(832) 209-9986

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Krysti Phillips

Chief Financial Officer


(403) 458-6372

Qualified Support

Means you can skip the problems

With Mercenary Group, you can get down to business. All of our Merc's are fully trained, vetted, insured, and ready to help you get your project on track.

5 Million Personal Liability

WCB Coverage In Place

3rd Party License Assessment


Join a growing list of companies that trust our expertise

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    Darrell Hogg
    Operations Manager


    "I wanted to reach out to thank the team at Mercenary Group (formerly Mercenary Oilfield Services) for providing such great services that have been missing for the industry. We have been able to rely on Mercenary with confidence that they will always provide us with skilled workers. It has also helped to keep our overhead cost down by using contractor workers instead of having to hire during the busy times. We look forward to continuing to work with your wonderful team."

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    Kelly Hallgren
    Viking Wireline Services


    "It is with much enthusiasm and appreciation that I am writing to recommend the Mercenary Group (formerly Mercenary Oilfield Services). We have been using the services of Mercenary over the past 3 months. They provide an excellent service. This has been a bonus for our company as it eliminates trying to find last-minute casual fill-ins. The operators are punctual and professional. They are always eager and willing to complete whatever job is requested of them. I am happy to recommend the services of Mercenary Group."

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    Chris Zaleschuk
    District Manager


    "Tier 1 had requested Mercenary Group (formerly Mercenary Oilfield Services) to assist us with increased demand for our operations. The entire process was extremely simple to ensure our operations continued uninterrupted, or without delays. Mercenary was able to adapt as well as adopt our QHSE policies, and provided daily safety assessments and safety meetings through their own processes. The extremely knowledgeable staff they provided our operations were highly motivated and safety orientated. Surrounded by a team that takes efficiency and HSE is very important, thus I will continue to request their services in the future."

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    Steve Wierenga


    "I have consistently found working with Mercenary's cased hole logging crews to be a very professional experience. They are diligent with ensuring the log data is of the highest quality and knowledgeable in current well logging technologies and regulatory compliance in regards to perforating services. They have also been very easily instructed into specific company policies and procedures where required. I highly recommend their service for any Cased Hole Wireline operations."

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    Jonathan Munroe
    Sales & Operations


    "Kemko has used Mercenary Group (formerly Mercenary Oilfield Services) on several occasions to supply skilled personnel to help us in the field and around the shop. Each time I would receive individuals that were very professional and highly qualified. The owners of Mercenary are top-notch people to deal with! I definitely plan on using them again and highly recommend them to others looking for any extra staff!!"

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    Rory Moser
    VP Business Development


    "We have used Mercenary Group (formerly Mercenary Oilfield Services) on a number of projects and from beginning to end they have done a great job. We explain to their management the type of personnel required and they supply the appropriate people. The personnel that have been provided are highly skilled and come prepared to do an excellent job. Because of the multiple different services we provide we require unique skills for each type of job and Mercenary’s vast skill set of people has given us the right person each time. One size doesn’t fit all. As we all work through these unusual times due to activity levels and world-wide pandemic, it has forced us all to change the way we operate our businesses and adapt to the new normal. We have all had to become leaner and this has allowed us to use Mercenary personnel as required while helping lower our overhead costs. They have adapted well with their own daily screening process that ensures we are getting healthy personnel and reducing risk to other workers. Both their management and workers take the health and safety of everyone seriously. We would recommend using Mercenary and we will continue to use them."

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